About Us

Paws On The Mountain Greyhound Adoption was founded in 1989 by John and Denise Davis. We are an all-volunteer, registered, non-profit, charitable organization where your adoption fees and donations are tax-deductible. John and Denise founded Greyhound Rescue, Inc (GRI) after they adopted Stacey, a white, brindle-patched, ticked female who raced into their hearts. Their interest in the adoption/rescue effort developed into the formation of GRI, which now operates as Paws on the Mountain.  Since its inception, we have placed over 2,000 Greyhounds in homes throughout Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware, and southern Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to find high-quality, loving homes for retired racing Greyhounds, and to educate the public about what excellent, loving pets these noble creatures make. We are a relatively small organization, but are very active and dedicated. We do not believe in overly restrictive placement policies. If you are a responsible, caring person and are willing to dedicate the attention that a Greyhound needs, please consider adopting one of these noble hounds from us.